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Where your vision, becomes a reality


Rabbits Trail is a Pretoria based creative design company that specialises in wedding stationery & graphic design.

Every Love Story is unique - especially yours. Your wedding is the first big chance you’ll have to share that Love Story with the world - don’t you want to make a statement? Your invitations are the first part of that, and we’re here to help you make the right first impression!

Our specialty is making statements that don’t shy away from patterns, colours, or extra sentimental details. If you’re not afraid to think outside of the envelope, you’ve come to the right place! When we ask our potential clients the question “What is most important about your wedding?”, the answer we’re looking for is:

“We want it to feel like us!”


How can I help?

Please send us an email if you are interested in custom wedding stationery. 

We do save the dates, invitations, welcome & seating chart signs, programs, menus, place cards, monograms etc. Kindly have a look at our Instagram feed for previous work done.

Oh Hi!

Most days you can find me cozied up in my sunny study with a cat in my lap and tea that could use 30 seconds in the microwave. 

After completing my BA in Communication and PGCE in Education at university, I went on a few different career adventures before deciding to start my own business. So recently I changed my day job from teacher to stationery/graphic designer. Pretoria, South Africa is the place I call home and my passion is creating beautiful things, so I thought to bring it together and share the creative adventures that are yet to come. Since starting my business in January 2018 I have learned a lot about the wedding industry and I love every second of it. Recently I added website designer to my repertoire, and the amount of joy it brings me to create beautiful elegant websites for clients, can't be explained. 


I love using this gift that God gave me and serving people by capturing their favourite memories or ideas with design. I'm passionate about creating unique ways to tell your story whether that be with pretty stationery, a custom logo or photo book that make people say "oh, that's so YOU." That, my friends, is why I still believe in the power of paper! I'm also a firm believer to live life to the fullest and create beauty while your at it.

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How does it work?


After filling out my custom invitation questionnaire, I’ll send you a quote tailored to your wants, wishes and budget. Once your customized package is all squared away (you know, all those nitty-gritty details), you'll pay 50% of the quote. You’ll then get a fun little “homework” assignment from me: the very official Wedding / Event questionnaire. This is the stuff that inspires the rest of the process! 


Now that I know you a little better, the colours that make your heart go pitter-patter, I create your very own custom Inspiration Board that includes a color palette, design aesthetic, inspiration images, and the heart behind your stationery. I do this so we can make sure you are 100% in love with the theme, before cracking on with the design.


Once you approve the inspiration board, the REAL fun part begins! I design your custom stationery, and then you’ll receive the first project presentation for approval and tweaks. We’ll then have two more project presentations with your changes to ensure every detail is perfect.


You pay the final invoice and your pretty designs are off to the printer (or exported if electronic), and a few days later when I receive your prints, they are assembled according to our discussions and then picked up for delivery or picked up by the client.


Your stationery arrive,, and you get to put on a beautiful white dress and marry the love of your life. Sounds good right??

Trying to find the perfect gift?

Our artwork makes a memorable gift for any lover of God's Word.

It is also a great conversation starter to help plant a seed of faith.

When you put our artwork in your home, you will be visually reminded of God's truth every day.

Perfect to give as a wedding or birthday gift.

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